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Register Product Warranty

This exclusive Luonto Furniture Inc. warranty becomes effective upon the delivery date and after registering the furniture, warranty is non-transferable.

Luonto Furniture Inc. will repair or replace at our discretion any piece of furniture that is defective in material or workmanship under the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty sheet. If Luonto Furniture Inc. determines that a repair is impractical, you will be furnished a substitute of the same or similar color, design, and quality.

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Owner & Product Information

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How to Register a Warranty?

Please be sure to include in the Warranty Registration at least one of each of the required files, these photos will help us identify the item, the actual production and shipment date. Failure to include these required photo types as described below will prevent you to register.

Photo of the Purchase Document

Take a photo of the proof of purchase document. Take photo standing 1-2 ft away. Make sure all the information is easily readable.

Photo of the Product

Take a photo of the owned product. Take photo standing 6-10ft away. This makes easier to our team to identify the correct item for the warranty registration.

Manufacturing Tag

The manufacturing tag is located under the arm or on the bottom of the sofa. Please take the photo of it upon receipt of the product.

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